WRCC Housing

A lack of certain types of housing is an issue for many rural communities. The two groups most affected are at the two ends of the age spectrum: younger people in need of affordable homes and older people in need of smaller, more manageable homes. Failure to address the issue can lead to imbalances in the local population, threatening the long term social sustainability of communities.

Images courtesy of Warwickshire Rural Housing Association

There are many reasons for the lack of housing. People living longer and people living in smaller household units are just two of these.

The way forward in tackling the issue is for communities to seize the initiative and do something to provide new homes. WRCC employs two Rural Housing Enablers who provide advice and practical support to achieve this. We can:

  • Give advice on what is (and what isn’t) achievable in your community
  • Help your community to assess the local need for new homes, usually through a Housing Needs Survey
  • Help your community to identify possible locations for new homes and negotiate with landowners
  • Act as an ‘honest broker’ between all the different people who will make new homes happen, e.g. landowners, planning officers etc.

For further information contact our Rural Housing Enablers by email Sarah Brooke-Taylor or telephone 01789 842182.