New guide to Neighbourhood Plans & Regeneration

This guide has been prepared to help neighbourhood planning groups to address regeneration issues in their neighbourhood plans. 
Neighbourhood plans can provide a positive vision for an area and clear aims. These can then be applied by planning policies and possibly site allocations. This positive planning framework and the process of preparing it can help to build confidence in an area. The neighbourhood plan will normally need to be part of a wider strategy for the area, so it is very likely that it will need to be accompanied by other initiatives, such as environmental enhancement projects, marketing strategies, business support, projects to build skills and employability, community-led development schemes, to name just a few.
To be successful, regeneration strategies must address the specific characteristics and issues of the area and the wider strategic context. For example, in some areas the primary concern may be with attracting employment whereas in other areas shortage of housing may be the key issue
The purpose of the document is to provide practical tools to help with the analysis of an area’s regeneration challenges and to help develop solutions in the form of effective planning policies. This tool sets out a framework for analysing the characteristics and needs of an area in regeneration and economic development terms. It then suggests possible content for neighbourhood plans to address a range of local issues and provide a positive framework for growth and development.
To this end, the tool is structured around four main parts. The first part, Regeneration in Neighbourhood Plans, is an overview of neighbourhood planning, from a regeneration perspective. The second part, Regeneration Tool - Analysis, is a tool for looking at and analysing the causes of decline in an area and opportunities for regeneration. The third part, Regeneration Tool - Planning Policies, is a tool for identifying regeneration policies for an area.
The fourth part of the document, Complementary Actions, looks at actions that can be taken in parallel to neighbourhood plans. 
Referendum news: In February a total of 17 neighbourhood plans were successful at referendum, including Poole Quays, Uttoxeter and Leiston. In March 13 plans successfully passed referendum, including Langham, Holmes Chapel and Leintwardine.